Crime Prevention For The College Bound Student

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Many students feel safe and at home on their college campuses, but they are just as vulnerable to crime there as they would be anywhere else. If you are bound for college soon, follow these tips to prevent crime and stay safe!

Always remain aware of your surroundings. Do not wear headphones while walking and limit cell phone conversations in public places.

Never travel by yourself at night. Use the buddy system and walk only on well-lit, popular pathways. Resist the urge to take shortcuts through alleyways or less well-traveled areas.

Always lock the door to your dorm room and never let strangers into the dorm, even if they say they are visiting a friend. If you see someone you don't know in the dorm, report their presence to an advisor.

At parties, only accept drinks that are in sealed containers. Never leave your drink unattended. If you do leave your drink, get a new one. Avoid drinking out of common bowls, and don't take a drink from someone you do not trust or know well. More info here: Cheap and easy ways to rearrange a dorm abode

The Best In Home Security Systems

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Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to reduce the amount of crime in your neighborhood. Crime and theft can negatively affect everyone in the neighborhood. Starting a neighborhood watch program with your neighbors is a great way to keep your community safe. A good neighborhood watch program involves reporting suspicious activity to the police. Law enforcement agencies also provide helpful tips to the community that educates everyone in the neighborhood about crime.

Installing security cameras in various parts of your home is an easy way to increase your home's safety. Most security cameras today allow you to monitor your home on any electronic device connected to the Internet. This will give you peace of mind that your home is safe whenever you are at work or on vacation. If your neighbors install security cameras with a view of the street, you will have video evidence of any criminal activity that takes place.

Making sure your doors and windows are locked before you leave your house is an easy way to protect against home theft. Most home theft crimes are crimes of opportunity brought on by an open door or window. Consider installing alarms on your doors and windows that will alert you or your neighbors.

A Parents Resource For Teaching Crime Prevention

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If you are wondering how to teach your children basic crime prevention techniques, you may be concerned that you will frighten them if you talk with them at any length about crime. Although you will have to be careful not to provide very young children with more information than they can properly process, it's important to make them aware of what they should do in the event that they become the target of a criminal.I was looking for more information and found it here. You probably already have a fire safety plan in place in case a household fire breaks out while you and your children are at home. The same type of system can be used in the event that a home intruder gains access to the interior of the house. Of course every situation is going to be different, but having a basic plan concerning how to exit the home quickly if necessary will help kids keep calm in a emergency.

A Community Watches Over Its Own

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There are lots of ways you can make the home safer, but if you only focus on where you live, you're failing to see the big picture. A home in peril is one thing, but if you are not careful, your home might not be the only one in danger.

Part of being in a community means that you all pull together and look out for one another. It's like loving your neighbor but extending beyond those closest to you.

In the grand scope of things, the benefits of a safer community can trickle down to the individual homes and, listed below, are a few things you can do in your community to make it safer:

1. Spread the word about home security. If you have a home security system and you noticed your neighbors don't, see about spreading the word. Tell them about all the services that are out there. Sites like are a great place to start.

2. If there is a town council or community meeting in your area, consider being a part of that. If you are noticing dangerous trends that no one else is picking up on or talking about - make your voice heard and come up with suggestions on combatting these perceived threats.

3. Be ever vigilant but also remember to work within the law. You don't want to be responsible for a fiasco that could make the headlines. If you have children, find out whom they are hanging out with and if there are elements there to be aware of. Just be on the lookout.

Crime Prevention For The Overseas Traveler

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Traveling to foreign countries can lead to many exciting, once in a lifetime adventures. However, travelers and tourists sometimes are vulnerable to criminal activity that is unique to the experience of being overseas. Keeping in mind these two simple points, however, will help set you up for a trip that is both fun and safe.

1) Avoid Dangerous Locations
Some countries and locales are hot spots for dangerous activity, due to political instability, economic problems, or strained diplomatic relationships with the United States. Check out the State Department's Current Travel Warnings website--it is an invaluable resource for researching potential travel destinations.

2) Be Discrete
Overseas criminals often target travelers because they assume they have wealth (at least enough to afford the luxury of a foreign vacation). Do your best not to draw conspicuous attention to yourself by avoiding behaviors such as showing large amount of cash, wearing expensive jewelry, or showing off expensive possessions (such as cameras). Keep your valuables close to you at all times. Don't be paranoid (it's important to enjoy your trip!), but always be aware--thieves wait for the moment you lose your attention in a crowd or in front of a particularly breathtaking cityscape or landmark.

How Can I Make My Home Safer?

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Around the holidays people always begin to worry about home safety. The good news is that you do not have to invest in a laser guided security system or a .44 Magnum in order to protect your home (though if you're comfortable with those methods, those are certainly options). All you have to do is look at your neighborhood, and at your home, and take a realistic examination of what you'll find.

For instance, leave a key with a neighbor instead of under your mat or hidden in the garden. This means that the chances of someone skulking around at night and just letting himself into your house is a lot more unlikely. You should also consider investing in locks that work off of a key code instead of a physical key. They're harder to crack, and it's a great deal less likely that someone will be able to just force an electronic lock. Always do a sweep of your home before bed, making sure all your windows are shut and locked, and making sure that your doors and locked as well. The easiest way to prevent crime is to not offer up your home as a target of opportunity.

Holiday Crime Prevention Tips For Your Family

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When you are away from your home, you want the security of knowing that your belongings are safe. You want to know that when you return home, you things will still be there. Below are a few ways to fool that would be criminal. - Lights are great deterrents for when you are home or not. Turn on a light and leave it on. Place you house lights on timers. This will make a criminal believe that someone is at home. - Television or radio is also a good way to make people think someone is home. If you leave a television set on while you are gone, the light and noise will fool someone into believing that the house is not empty. - Set up a home security system. This way, if you leave your house, someone is watching it. They will inform the police if they suspect someone has entered illegally. - Neighborhood watches are great because everyone keeps a close eye on each other's home. - Video cameras can be set up to record anyone that enters your home. This will help if your home is broken into while you are away. The authorities can see on video who is responsible and you may get some of your things back. There are criminals that are very good at what they do. It does not matter if you are home or not. You may need to think of ways to secure your home when you are there. Dogs are a good benefit when you are a homeowner. These dogs should be trained to handle intruders. The dogs will be trained to protect you as well as offer companionship.

Tip For Teaching Young Children Crime Prevention

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While there may be only so much that people can do to prevent crimes, there are definitely some safety tips that we need to teach our children in order to keep them from becoming victims. There are some simple things that you can teach your kids to help keep them out of harms way.

1. USE YOUR GUT. If a situation doesn't seem comfortable, there is probably something to be concerned about. Teach your children from an early age that they can say no to anyone if they feel uncomfortable. Guttural reflexes are not in our head they are real. Teach your child to follow their gut and it usually won't steer them wrong.

2. SAFETY IN NUMBERS. No matter how young or old, use the buddy system. Whether you are walking to class or heading to the mall, get someone to tag along. You are less likely to have someone perpetuate a crime on you when you are with someone else.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE A SCENE. We are always teaching our kids to go with the flow. Well, if they are approached by someone suspicious, or grabbed by someone they don't know, tell them to make a scene. They are less likely to be abducted or hurt if they fight back.

How To Start A Successful Neighborhood Watch

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When people come together they can accomplish most anything. A great example of this is a neighborhood watch. Organizing a group of people who will look out for one another and share the burden of caring for the people and their safety makes a neighborhood watch a great idea.

In order for this to happen successfully you will need a leader. This person should be stable, know the neighborhood and the people well, and be trust worthy. A neighborhood is made up of many different kinds of people and it is important that they all be accepted and work together. This person also need to communicate clearly and get others involved.

A successful neighborhood watch includes a lot of people. The more people involved the better. When people take ownership of their own surroundings it is amazing what can happen. There are some great examples and resources online for this program. A meeting should be help at a local public building (a library is a great choice) and every neighborbor should be invited.

It is helpful to have a plan in place so that people can easily jump on board. Make it clear, easy to follow and easy for the neighbors to see their role. Once you get going sit back and see how people love to care for each other and their neighborhood. It is a great idea with fantastic benefits for both home values and the value of the children and people in your neighborhood.